Monday, March 12, 2012

Sing, My Angel!

I am sad to say I've never had the privilege of seeing "The Phantom of the Opera" live. But I know the music well. This clip actually sends chills down my spine.

And I had to include this for its overwhelming Gothic imagery! From the snakes on the gravestones to the wedding dress/mirror scene to the billowing red-lined cape of the Phantom, this absolutely smacks of the most ravening doom!


Catherine said...

This is hilarious...I had this song in my head this morning! They are playing the Royal Albert Hall Phantom of the Opera on one of the public television channels by me - it's the whole show, so it's close to seeing it in the theater.

Laura {a spoon full of joy} said...

I'm lucky to live close enough to NYC to be able to see Phantom on Broadway - it was amazing!

emily.mcintyre said...

Catherine, what a great coincidence! That song really does get stuck in my head as well, and I can't get it out!

Laura, how exciting to live so close to NYC! I'm sure it really was amazing.