Friday, March 9, 2012

Today I'm Thankful for... Life

How easily we take for granted the life and glory in our children! There was a moment, back at the beginning of my pregnancy, when it seemed that I would miscarry, and that the new life we had just discovered would be snuffed out. Through the weeks that followed we reeled in the pain and joy of it all. I rested and nourished the budding life within.

Months later our precious daughter was born, full term, almost too healthy to be true, and she continues to boggle my mind with her growth and development. I am reminded that many parent have been less fortunate, and that life is not always a guarantee.

I am deeply thankful to look over and see my sleeping daughter breathing on the couch. And I wish to offer my heartfelt sympathy to all who have struggled with infertility, any who have had challenging pregnancies, and those who had to say goodbye to their little ones before even getting to meet them.

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Leslie said...

Good thoughts.Thank you.