Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learning to Breathe

Caspar David Friedrich,
Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog (1818)

Exhaustion comes in a grey fog, cancelling impetus and outlawing momentum. The list of things to do grows longer in my mind, my emotions boil and seethe, and I find myself in tears over random occurences.

What to do?

I am learning to breathe. In, out. In, out. Long, centered breaths bringing life-giving air and calm into myself. What really matters to me?

To love and be loved. All else is nothing to me.

So I consciously lay aside my to-do list, focus on the dancing eyes of my lover, rest instead of filling my mind with the constant chatter of the world, and find a modicum of peace.

I am learning to breathe.


Indy said...

What a gorgeous photo.

Alison said...

I love this post. You have a beautiful, fluid writing style.

Yara Simón said...

Sounds amazing, and something I need to more of.

Courtney said...

What a beautiful post. I feel this way all of the time--in a more scattered style of speech :)

Seedsower said...

I, too, want to focus more on learning to breathe--to rest peacefully in the middle of swirling seas. Thanks for sharing your journey:-)

Margarita Tartakovsky said...

Emily, I can absolutely relate to feeling incredibly overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks and forgetting to breathe. Thank you for such a beautifully written and essential reminder!!