Friday, January 13, 2012

You're Wasting Your Time... I've Made Up Your Mind

Morrissey seems to be one of those artists whom you either love or hate. This song was the first I heard of his, played for me by my then-friend/now-husband, which garnered him (my husband) a strange look and the comment, "This guy is seriously creepy." To which he replied with a grin. My husband is an extreme fan, having once traveled to Chicago to hear Morrissey at the Aragon ballroom and then flown back to KC to see him here two days later. (Oh, the lucky man.)

Needless to say I've become converted and now Morrissey's many songs, spanning the decades of his career, form part of the soundtrack of our home and our relationship. Morrissey quotes intersperse our conversations and the melodies evoke memories like few other sounds.

Here's to that late-night training session, Husband M.!

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Anonymous said...

While I really enjoyed the article on Memory in TOSH, I am quite suprised that this man is something you would listen to. I knew nothing about him until just now and through listening to the song I looked him up on line. I would have to agree with your initial thoughts of him. Plus I'd probably add a few more... :o)