Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today I'm Thankful For... Special Mugs

Do you have a favorite mug? I do, or rather several. For tea, I love the beautiful posies-and-poppies cup my sister brought me from England. For cappucinos, I love a six-ounce cup with strawberry flowers. And for random beverages--cider, hot chocolate, steamers, chai--I love this recently thrifted mug with a perplexing image of a bird and butterfly. It has thick walls which hold heat remarkably, a nearly-unreadable stamp on the bottom indicating that it was crafted with care, and has lately been filling me with joy each time I use it.


joanne May said...

Hi Emily,
The bird on your cup looks like a pheasant!
It is interesting you should mention mugs. I have just sat down with a nice cup of coffee with my favourite stripy mug and read your post! ;-)

It is multi coloured from Whittards. If you have visited England you will know the tea and coffee shop.

Thank you for following my blog, lovely to catch up with you again.

Indy said...

I have a special mug - it is from the Seeing Eye in New Jersey. It is nice and big and heavy - perfect mug!

Seedsower said...

I'm enjoying the deep rose-colored one from Garth Mansion. Good memories, and the handle fits my hand perfectly. For tea? Definitely the English cup from you know who :-)

emily.mcintyre said...

@ Joanne--you're right! It does look like a pheasant. I have not visited England--yet--but have every intention of doing so in the future.

@ Indy--there's something about a heavy, thick-walled mug that seems more fulfilling!

@Seedsower--Hi lady! I love those mugs you brought back from the Garth Mansion.

the golden rose said...

yes, absolutely have a favorite mug. perfect for my tea and makes me so happy every time i use it. this one is really pretty!
xx sylvie