Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Creative Lunches... Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwich

I know, you're thinking, "how can a peanut butter sandwich be creative?" I've wondered the same thing, many times.

But look at this picture! Clear swirls of honey highlighting the rough natural peanut butter. Crusty homemade bread. A glass of clean white milk. And a rose, for contrast.

Try it! You might find yourself surprised.

How do you like to shake up the peanut butter sandwich stereotype?

And, for amusement, I must include this Raffi song--he makes me aspire to play the kazoo.


Alison said...

Peanut butter and honey is the best; especially when the bread is toasted. I gained so much weight eating that stuff a while back; then I found out I am gluten intolerant. Now I know what heaven will look like in part for me. :)

Seedsower said...

Remember watching Raffi? Sweet times. Love your rendition of pb&h.

Allison Wyatt said...

Love you pictures!!! And Raffi...our reward at the end of a school day haha:)

the golden rose said...

this sounds so good!
xx sylvie